How to commission bespoke furniture

I love working on bespoke furniture commissions. Each project is unique, and this is the step by step process we will follow together to commission your bespoke furniture.

Daniel making furniture

1. What furniture do you want to commission?

We'll start off by having a conversation about the bespoke furniture that you would like to commission. Our initial conversation can be by email, over the phone or in person. The main things to think about are What furniture do you want to commission? Where is the furniture going to be? Do you have a timber in mind, or would you like me to work from your own tree? What are your timescales and how might your project fit into my current schedule and workload?

2. Let me find out about your furniture commission in more detail

Following our initial conversation, we'll need to have a much more detailed discussion. Most often, this takes place at your home (depending on distance away from my workshop) but can be at my workshop or by phone, email or zoom.  This is an in depth discussion covering topics like aesthetics, functionality, materials, dimensions, finish, and the approximate schedule for both design and making phases. Where appropriate I’ll bring samples for you to look at. Further discussions, usually by phone or email may be appropriate to refine your brief.

3. I'll create a design proposal for your bespoke furniture

Most often I present my design with a one to ten scale model made from the same timber and with the same finish as the final piece, there may be samples too. A written description complements the model and also gives a schedule for making your piece as well when payments are due.

4. I'll tweak the furniture design so that you're completely happy

It is unusual for much refining to be needed, but this is the stage where I make sure that you are completely happy with my design proposal. 

5. I'll schedule workshop time for your project

Once you've paid a deposit (usually 50%) to secure your materials, I'll be able to schedule workshop time for your project and give you an estimated completion date.

6. I start work on your furniture commission

I’ll let you know when I’m about to start your project, and once work commences I'll provide regular updates. During this stage, you may wish to have photographs of the making process or come and visit my workshop.

7. I will arrange delivery of your bespoke furniture

Once your project is complete, the final payment is due and we can arrange a mutually convenient delivery date. You are welcome to collect your furniture from my workshop, although the larger pieces I usually deliver myself.

More questions?

Fancy something a little bit different for your home?

I make one-off pieces of furniture to order, so you can get that unique look in your house that you’ve always wanted. My designs are inspired by the natural world, so you can be sure that no-one else will have anything quite like it.

I love working with wood – it’s a beautiful material with so much potential. I take my time over each piece, ensuring that it is perfect for the customer before sending it off. You won’t be disappointed with the finished product.

Let me know what you have in mind! I would love to hear from you.

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