Frequently Asked Questions when commissioning bespoke furniture

bog oak and tools

Is the initial discussion face to face, by telephone or by email?  

Usually face to face but can be by email, phone or zoom as appropriate.

What if I need / want a site visit? Is there a charge for this?  

Depends on your location, usually no extra charge.

How many changes can I make to the design proposal?  

Usually there is no need to make any changes.  If I’ve misunderstood the design brief I will happily re-design the piece for you.  If you change the design brief there may be a charge to re-design your piece.

Do you charge to create the design proposal?  

If it is a fitted piece or a large project yes there will be a design fee.  Most projects don’t have a separate design fee.

Can I keep the design proposal if I don’t go ahead with the commission?  

In the unlikely event that you don’t want to go ahead with the project and you have paid a separate design fee you may keep the design proposal. If there was no separate design fee the design proposal still belongs to me and should be returned.

How much deposit do I need to pay?  

Usually 50%.  If the start of your project is many months away I will usually ask for around 15% to begin with then 35% just before I commence the making work on your project.

How do I choose the timber?  

I will usually guide you through what timber stocks I have (and where those trees came from) and are suitable for your project and show you samples or boards.  You are welcome to come and have a rummage too.

Can you use timber from my own tree?  

Yes, of course.  This is my favourite type of project.  Don’t worry if your tree is small it can be used for highlights or details if it’s not big enough for the whole project.

Can I see my furniture while it’s being made?  

Yes, of course. Just let me know when you’d like to visit.

Is the total cost fixed?  

Usually, unless you change the design brief late in the project.

How do I get my furniture?  

You are welcome to collect your furniture, larger pieces I usually deliver myself.

What if there is something wrong with it?  

In the highly unlikely event that there is something wrong with your furniture that has been caused by the design, making process or timber let me know so that I can fix it as soon as possible.  If you have damaged the furniture there will be a charge to do the repair.

How do I look after my furniture?  

Usually there is little to no maintenance required. I’ll give you guidance when we discuss finishes.
How quickly will I get my furniture?  The commissioning process typically takes 6 - 12 months, longer if we are using your own tree.  I will advise you of the schedule for your particular project at the beginning of the commissioning process.

What if I don’t like it when it’s finished?  

By paying the first deposit after the design proposal you have committed to the project so are required to pay the full amount.  If it is a free standing piece of furniture I may attempt to sell it for you, this could be a lengthy process and there is no guarantee of success. If I can sell the work for you I will then return your money or the portion of it that I have been able to sell your work for.

Can you work to a fixed budget?  

Yes, of course.  If your budget is not appropriate for the project you have in mind I will let you know and give you guidance on a suitable budget range for your project.  You can also look at the previous commission pieces on my website to help give you a guide for your budget.

Is my furniture guaranteed?  

Yes, I guarantee most commission pieces for life (that is for as long as I’m capable of making any necessary repair). This guarantee covers any repairs needed due to faulty design, making or materials. It does not cover damage caused to the furniture by any other means.

Do I own the design?  

If your commission is based on one of my existing designs then I own the design. If your commission is a new design then once you have paid the final payment the design belongs to you, it is bespoke after all.  Occasionally customers are happy for me to repeat designs that would otherwise belong to them, please let me know if so.