How to Commission

Commissioning a piece of furniture is a joint and exciting venture – between you (the expert on you, your likes and your lifestyle) and Daniel – (the experienced expert in designing and making award-winning contemporary wooden furniture). Give him your thoughts and ideas, and Daniel will work with your brief, advising on what will work in your location to realise your dreams in an unique and lasting way. At this stage there is usually a visit to your home or premises to understand fully the space and aspect.

After sketching out the final design (sometimes even on the workbench surface!), Daniel produces a small 3D model for you. Visualising your finished treasure is so much easier when you can hold it in your hands, turn it, feel it, begin to know it.

Remember, everything is made by Daniel himself – from design stage, right up to the final hand finishes. It is not unusual for a piece to require 40-60 hours of hand sanding during just the final finish stages …………… And your unique work of art piece is yours and yours alone. You will hold the design rights to it and there will never be another quite like it. Your exclusive heirloom.

And as for cost? Well how do you charge for a labour of love? Put simply – not as much as you might expect! This aspect is discussed at the beginning, along with your prospective budget. Once your exclusive design is agreed, a fee of 60% is made before work commences, with the balance due upon delivery.

Perhaps a note of caution here: if you are determined on a wood that comes from an area that potentially displaces or endangers an indigenous people, flora or fauna, then please choose another maker. Daniel works with mainly UK woods, and always from known and sustainable sources – they are stunning in their own right, without need to harm the planet any further.

And finally – Daniel has his own mobile sawmill. What could be more personal than a stylishly designed, exquisite item of furniture made from your own tree – that will last through successive generations.

Speak to Daniel – it will be the best furniture decision you ever make!