After The Storm

This is a curated exhibition at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland - from December 2016 - May 2017.
It is based on the theme 'After the Storm' and features timber that fell in the storms of 2012.
My feature piece - from sweet chestnut - is based around the idea of calming waters and ripples - and is in the form of a table. (look into the Facebook page around the end of October for how it is made and what it looks like).
There will also be other small pieces - both by me and by other makers - such as 'Asphodel' - for sale at the first weekend of the exhibition in December. A wonderful chance to get that unique Christmas present! And we makers will also be there (though to be fair, most of us aren't actually free to be your own personalised present - albeit I suppose you could always ask ................) to guide and advise.
And the final news item in this piece - is that I obviously should not write up on the webpage this late at night!