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bespoke furniture commission

Bespoke furniture

I create unique, beautiful furniture that will last a lifetime.

So whether you're looking for a dining table, or just a single piece, find out more about commissioning furniture from me.

Bespoke commissions

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My furniture is full of curves and lines that make it feel like a sculpture. I try to tread lightly and leave the planet in a better place than I found it. Most of my timber is local, mainly from windblown trees that I mill and dry myself.

My furniture
Cromwell desk

update in 2018

As you'll see, if you look at this page - I'm not really updating it very much at all Even if you aren't a Facebook fan - just click on the link on the website, and you'll get a little more up-to-date information. I've also just started a page on Instagram, where I hope to post photos of work in progress and completed. Just let me know if you prefer your updates any other way - or come and see me!