Testimonials, Endorsements and Publications

A day never passes in our London flat without you coming to mind.

Clients - C & R S

A day never passes in our London flat without you coming to mind.......... Your book case, the dining table we designed together, the chairs and maybe, above all, that curving chest-of-drawers.

I've said it before it's art

M.A - from Facebook (April 2016)

Now that is a beautiful piece of work. A piece of art in its self congratulations on your masterpiece.

Furnishing the Future

Sunseekers Magazine

Why don't you just use Sellotape to fix things together?

My favourite 6 year old at 2016 Open Workshop weekend

Mona Lisa

Ideal Home Show 2014

Overheard at an exhibition of 'Throne' - an armchair in cherry.......
Call that 'just' a chair. That's a bit like calling The Mona Lisa 'just' a painting ..............!

"Is there anything Daniel can't do with wood? I think the answer might be 'no'!"

Sarah Kay - fellow maker, colleague and friend

"Daniel has an extraordinary talent. His passion for working with wood is a way of life for him, he lives and breathes it and always ends up making things of outstanding quality"

Tomorrow's Antiques

BBC Homes & Antiques Magazine

A brief article featuring 'Anodyne' - an occasional table that Daniel designed and made whilst still at college. He was awarded his first Bespoke Guild Mark for this piece - and may well be the youngest - certainly one of the youngest - to receive such an accolade, at the age of just 20.

Maker's Maker

Furniture & Cabinetmaking Apr 2015

Furniture & Cabinetmaking regularly features an artist/maker. The maker featured in this edition - Graham Rayner - cites Daniel as being his major influence and the person he would most like to be able to emulate - in design and make.

Master Woodworkers and their Craft

Furniture with Soul - David Savage

Quoted from the flyleaf of this authoritative work by David Savage ..."In Furniture with Soul, David Savage explores the philosophy, career, and pivotal moments of struggle and inspiration of today's most talented and influential woodworkers. He traveled throughout the United States and Britain... more

Furniture with Soul - Master Woodworkers and their Craft

David Savage

Since leaving Parnham in 1996, Daniel has worked largely single-handedly to produce a body of work that is establishing his reputation and assuring the continued success of his workshop in the future. He has accomplished this in the context of being a committed environmentalist, a perspective... more

Maker's Eye view

Tony Portus

Daniel combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design to create functional works of art for all types of settings. His best known piece is the ‘Curved Chest of Drawers’ which demonstrates his creative flair and exceptional use of wood. Taking inspiration from the natural world,... more

500 Chests and Cabinets

Lark Books

Lark Books is an international publisher -collecting images from around the world from the very best makers. This book, devoted to cabinets and chests, featured 'Chestless' one of Daniel's favourites. Designed on a cantilever principle, this set of drawers required no carcass to support the... more

A Heritage Craft

Reclaim Magazine - Cassie

This popular magazine regularly promotes 'upcycled' features. This edition specifically chose 'Heritage Crafts' - blacksmithing, furniture making, upholstery, basket weaving, cob building, and knitting. With Daniel picked as the furniture maker/designer. March 2019.

The story of the Solway Log

feature - Sunday Times Scotland - May 2018

Daniel was offered this amazing log by a local farmer. The sawdust was used by colleagues Miles-Moore Ceramics to produce glazes for their work, and Daniel has planked up this stunning log to use in commissioned heirloom furniture.