Coming up soon - Aberdeen Arts Fair - with SFMA, and the annual Scottish Furniture Makers Association - this year held again at The Lighthouse, Glasgow.
Aberdeen Arts Fair is in August (see 'events' for more detail)
and the Annual SFMA event is in October as usual.

Back from my brief forays south to British Silver Week and to a Game Fair, I'm now deep in preparation for other events. Do try and catch up with me at one (or more!) of these. Today, I'm confirming the passage to the USA for 'Throne' and 'Chestless' both of which are going to the NAGA Gallery in Boston for "Furniture with Soul II", headed up by David Savage, who is then undertaking a lecture tour in the States...

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Remember to look me up - and hopefully 'Like Me' - on Facebook where I show images of work in progress, along with up-to-the-minute (when there's time!) news. And do join me at the Craft in Focus event near Canterbury 5-7 April, or at British Silver Week (Festival of Silver with the Furniture Makers)in London a few days later. I don't often get down south these days - so do please drop in and see me.

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