2016 update !

At this time of year, I try to write around and give a brief foretaste of what will be happening during the year, and an update of anything of interest since the last note.

Since the last newsletter one of my main commissions completed was this dining set for a local family using their own oak tree which had died many years ago. I suggested using my existing ‘Blagr’ dining chair design to stretch their budget so that a statement dining table could be designed exclusively for them. This also gave me the opportunity to design a carver chair to complement my ‘Blagr’ dining chair.

More recently I had the opportunity to design my first rocking chair as a wedding gift from a very good customer of mine to some good friends of his. Rather than my usual one-off commission work he very kindly offered to allow me to repeat this design. So I made two which were very well received both by the customer and at my last exhibition which was at RHS Wisley with Craft in Focus.

Currently my main project is a gallery window space next door to my home at Border Esk Cottage. I’m creating a permanent display window in what was part of the old garage, formerly Langholm distillery. Although just outside of Langholm, it is right on the side of the A7 road and is also a popular walking route. This garage section of the old distillery building ate up all my resources over the last 4 years – with currently little to show for it. Major renovation work to stabilise the walls (below the current ground level) has been completed along with a small section of new wall. In-between commission work I’m designing the new windows and door which will be made from local oak.

Following the RHS Wisley show in November 2015, there are a few commissions on which I am now working.

I’ve sent in applications for shows and exhibitions in 2016, and also for consideration for Bespoke Guild Marks from the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers. It is some considerable time since I last applied for these highly prestigious awards, so I have my fingers tightly crossed.

As some of you will know a small selection of my work has moorland themed names. A donation from any sales of these pieces goes to my favourite charity, ‘Making the Most of Moorlands’ for whom I spend a considerable amount of time volunteering. For all of March they are having a festival, (Moorland March), with a vast array of walks, talks, demonstrations and exhibitions. For full details visit their website http://www.langholmmoorland.co.uk/events.html
To try and help them along the way I have decided that I will give a donation from any of my work bought or commissioned during the month of March.

Prompted by an application for a collaborative project at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, I have designed several new small pieces generally priced under £200. It’s quite some time since I designed new work at this end of the spectrum so I’m excited to see how these designs will be received as I find time to introduce them at shows throughout the year.

Something else that I’m really excited about is that I shall be starting to teach short masterclasses. These initially will cover tool set up, basic techniques and a small project and will take place over 3 days at the weekends. I find I enjoy teaching and mentoring, and am looking forward to this new phase. A brief section will soon be on the website about these courses.

Following a difficult few years (having moved the business at the worst time possible recession-wise), things can still be a challenge, but I love my new life up here in Langholm. Any recommendations for commissions, however, would be gratefully received!

I look forward to hearing from you – and hopefully meeting up with you during the year – either at the workshop or at one of the proposed exhibitions (listed below.)

With very best wishes, Daniel

Planned Exhibitions/events in 2016.

As before, I’m trying to have local exhibitions, plus some further afield. Please check on my website www.daniellacey.com or Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DanielLaceyDesignFurniture/ , or by phone to be sure of what is going on and when:

Cumbria Life Home and Garden Show, Cumbria, 12 - 13 March
Inspired, London, 10 - 14 May
Spring fling open workshop weekend, 28 – 30 May
Westmorland Show, Cumbria, 8 September
Scottish Furniture Makers Annual Exhibition, Edinburgh, 13 October – 7 November
RHS Wisley, 23 – 27 November
‘After the Storm’ collaborative event, Edinburgh, 3 December – May 2017