I've been very lax updating this News section - as most information goes on via the Facebook page.

Briefly - the magazine '25 Beautiful Homes' July edition features dining furniture - courtesy of and thanks to Judith and Chris Streatfeild

Courses - are now updated, with a revision to the way courses are run and costed - which is hopefully beneficial to everyone attending.

Apart from that, I...

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The new year promises to be a busy one, with several events confirmed already, and some in the pipeline, along with bespoke commission work. Currently - or at least when the weather permits - I'm working on the display room on the side of the A7 just as you enter Langholm by Skippers Bridge. The stonework was completed sometime ago, and the window frames are being designed and made in the workshop. That's at...

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Once again, I'm delighted to be down at Wisley for the Craft in Focus Christmas show at the end of November. Come and join us for a great - and different - Christmas shopping experience