As courses are mostly one to one tuition, you can be confident of receiving Daniel's full attention whilst attending one of his short courses in Scotland.
Daniel will take each course himself - whether it be for beginners, or for those already making and wanting to improve their techniques.

Courses take place over the summer months - on 3 successive days. They can be as flexible as you, the participant, need them to be. Accommodation is available in or around Langholm for those travelling from a distance - details available on request. Anywhere within Langholm is only a few minutes walk from my workshop, including food outlets for your packed lunch.

Please bring a note book - particularly if furniture making is new to you - as you will have a considerable amount of information to absorb.

Course dates: - see under individual courses (below)
Course details : below
General - but essential information : scroll to the end of this page...... (applicable for all courses)

Don't forget - the 'gift vouchers' on the Home Page can be used for all or part payment of the courses - making them a great present !


1 - Introduction to tools

Whether you are just starting out or have been woodworking for some time; if you can’t get your tools to perform like they should - then this is the course for you.

This all important course covers the setting up and sharpening of your planes (flattening the sole, adjusting the frog, fitting the cap iron, relieving the mouth and sharpening the iron), chisels (flattening and sharpening), cabinet scrapers (sharpening). Plus an introduction in the use of these tools - including measuring and marking tools and sharpening media.
You are expected to bring your own tools to this course - at least a smoothing or jack plane, block plane, a couple of bevel edged chisels and cabinet scraper. If time allows I will also touch on the subject of saws (sharpening and adjusting the set) so bring a dovetail or tennon saw (preferably both rip and crosscut).

Please ask to check whether the tools you have are suitable, particularly if you intend to buy tools. Other tools are also welcome as they can also be instructive, time allowing.

Over the course of the 3 days under my expert guidance, you will learn how to set up and look after these tools as well as carrying out some simple tasks to test your newly setup tools.

By the end of the course, you will leave with your tools confident that you and your equipment are ready for the tasks ahead!

3 days, 9am – 5pm. Usually one to one.

Fees: £120 covers workshop costs and your first hour of my time for all three days. Thereafter £20 per hour of my time that you need. Typically this course costs £250 - £300. Materials included.

Suggested dates for 2017: 21st – 23rd July, 18th – 20th August. Other dates can easily be arranged to suit, please get in touch.


2 - Wood dressing and joints

In this course you will learn how to use your tools, by dressing a piece of timber perfectly flat taking shavings as thin as 0.05 mm thick (that’s half the thickness of a piece of paper!) and then dressing the side perfectly square to that face. As well as making perfectly fitting edge joints with no visible glue line.

During this process you will begin to learn about the structure of wood: why it will cut beautifully smoothly in one direction and be painful on the soul in the other.

Using engineers' measuring tools, I will then guide you through marking out and cutting some simple joints using your saws and chisels. More than anything this will show you the importance of accuracy.

At this stage I will introduce you to simple paring aids and jigs and how important they are for repeatable accuracy and speed in a commercial environment.

I will also touch on how wood moves and what you can do to compensate for it which will allow you to begin to design your own joints that will last for generations.

If time allows I will guide you through making some simple jigs to take home with you.

You are expected to bring with you fully functioning tools (as you would have after attending my first course or another similar course). Some of the tools you will need are: jack or smoothing plane, block plane, shoulder plane, 6 and 19 mm bevel edged chisels also both dovetail and tennon saws.

3 days 9am to 5pm. Usually one to one tuition.

Fees: £120 covers workshop costs and your first hour of my time for all three days. Thereafter £20 per hour of my time that you need. Typically this course costs £250 - £300. Materials included.

Suggested dates for 2017: 4th – 6th August, 1st – 3rd September. Other dates can easily be arranged to suit, please get in touch.


3 - Bespoke course

As the name suggests the content of this course is up to you.

It may be that you want to learn a specific skill such as - how to laminate curves or use the ever versatile router.

Perhaps there is a project that you have been itching to make and you need some help and advice in a fully equipped workshop to get started?

Or have you an unfinished project that has ground to a halt due to the need to learn a new skill?

This course is entirely flexible to suit what you wish to learn - including the length of the course (1,2 or 3 days), or several single days as your project progresses. Course dates arranged for mutually suitable days.

1 to 3 days 9am to 5pm. One to one tuition.

£40 per day which covers workshop costs and the first hour of my time. For each subsequent hour of my time that you need £20, up to a maximum of £180 per day.

Course dates - contact me on or 01387 380193 to arrange days/dates that are mutually suitable. June - October.

General Information

Courses take place in a real working environment - not a 'classroom'.
Sensible clothing and footwear is therefore advised.
Infrequently there may be machinery noise. Basic earplugs will be available.
Tea/coffee is provided - but you are expected to bring your own packed lunch,
Payment Terms:
A deposit of £100 is required at time of booking. (by cheque/gift voucher or direct banking)
(refundable only up to 6 weeks prior to commencement of course)
The balance being due before, or on arrival, to start the course. (payment as above, or by card)